Mike is a Stand up guy really knows what he's talking about - Jeff Minnesota

Great Service, Provides plays almost every day of the week - Antonio - New York

Wow... Great Win last night.... I Def going to sign up for the season.. THX Greg San Deigo, CA

This Win Streak you are on is Incredible. I will be telling others about you Jimmy Esposito, New Hampshire

Thanks for answering me so late! You really Bailed me out of a hole. I thought I was done for but you did it for me Mike. Much Love Derrick

5 in a row Dam Your Good, I'm Signing up first thing in the Morning. Tony. K New Mexico

Mike Just want to say Thank You, A real Gentleman of the Sport. Benjamin from Beantown

Dude, Amazing Win with the Giants last night. I Can't believe how easy that was. Tyrone, Maryland





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